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Okkervil River - All The Time Everyday - аккорды и текст, видео

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Okkervil River - All The Time Everyday - аккорды и текст, видео

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All The Time Everyday
Okkervil River
Intro: E

[Q] Do you stop and stare, struck dumb, hands shaking, 
E              Dbm                                  A       B
washed by this constant panicked wishing for what's lost? 
As you're standing on some curb, waiting to
E                        Dbm                                       A       B
cross, would you say you feel like some weak leaf, wind-turned and tossed?

            A           E          B            E             
[A] All the time. Every day. Every day, all the time. 
        A           E          B
All the time. Every day, every day. 

[Q] As the streets sail by the seats inside your 
E              Dbm                               A       B
car, does each face outside collide against your heart? 
As you watch them blaze, or fade into the 
E                    Dbm                                         A       B
dark, do you want to scream that you're so pleased with who they are?

          A            E             B           E        
[A] Every day, all the time. All the time, every day. 
      A            E           B       A
Every day. All the time. Every day------.

              Dbm                      A                E
[Q] When that moment arrives (oh, that sweet and tender pain...) do you 
Dbm                                         A             E
think how there'll come a time when you'll never feel it again? 
       Dbm                                      A                                                  B
Do you try to make it right by thinking that if someone else feels it, it's real, and it won't go away?

Do ya???

[A] ...
A            E           B           E
A            E           B

[Q] Do you fall so short of all that's in your 
E               Dbm                                                 A     B
heart when your friends, that you should pull up, you instead pick apart? 
Do you watch the world get cold, and crushed, and
E               Dbm                             A
small? And when you could do so much, do you do fuck-all?


           A           E          B            E         
[A] All the time. Every day, every day. All the time.
        A           E          B      A
All the time, every day, every day-----.

Aw, hey hey hey hey.

         Dbm                        A                 E
[Q] And, considering all this, and agreeing that it's true, 
Dbm                            A              E
is it harder each time just to feel something new?
           Dbm                   A                                             B
But do you sometimes wish not to feel anymore? Wall it off? To make it all go away? To just put it to an end?

       A             E            B          E  
[A] No question. Any day. All the way, every time.
         (Any day)  (All the time) (Every day)  (All the way)
    A        E             B
Any day. Any time. All the way. I said
   (Any time) (Every day)

             A                 E              B                       E  
[Q] when you pray for grace to come, were you born yesterday? Are you dumb??
            (all the day and all the night)         (all the way)      (every time)
          A                 E               B      A
Are you insane??? Don't be ashamed; I'm the same----. 
        (all the pain) (every day) (all the same)

               E         B
Yeah, I'm that way.
A     E         B
But I try.
A    E         B
A           E
and all the time. 
Добавлено: 07.08.2015
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