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Obergfoll Charlie - Mom And Dad - аккорды и текст

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Obergfoll Charlie - Mom And Dad - аккорды и текст

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Mom And Dad
Obergfoll Charlie
lyrics used with permission

                            MOM and DAD
[slow]     [G] We made a [Am] wish [C] so  long [D]ago,
And by the [Gmaj] grace of [Am] God [C] you came[D] true.
[G] May you find [Am]love and [C]success in all [D]that you do.[G6]

[G] The road [Am] ahead - may seem [C] closed to [D] you-
[G] You must  [Am] go up [C] over 'round or [D] through.
[G] Only do  [Am] one thing [C]at a time [D] when you do what you do.[G][= G7]

[fast tempo]  There may be sad [Em7] days,mad days,[A]lonely days ahead,
When-you -[G] -feel-that -you-  ca-n't- go-[A] on--------
[G]Always do whats right and don't[Em7]ever -never -never -never ever-give-[A]
Because [Em7]...............................[G7].

[slowly] [G] When you get[Am add b] old and [C]lonely--[D]you'll really [
That having your-- own-[Am]family[C] was the [D]wisest of your  [G] plans=
May your mate and[Am]children [C] love- you-[D] more- than- Mom and [G]Da=

[Gm]-- [Cm]-- [Am]-- [D]--[G]--[Am]--[C]--[D]--[G][G7]--[G][G7]

[slow]and....As you read this letter[Am],you[C] may be sad[D]while we're =
[C] Just -------[Cm] Pray to God for MOM and DAD and
[G] We -will-come and [Bm] take you by the [Em7]hand.......

No matter[Gm] where we are [Edim] whether near or far..[C] We'll be there=
 in[D] spirit..
[C add B] always very [Am]near at[G]hand.With[C add B]all our love [Am] M=
OM and DAD [G]
Love[C add B] Forever [Am] MOM and [G]DAD..... [G]

Lyrics and music by Charles Obergfoll copyright 2001 all rights reserved.
Добавлено: 25.09.2013
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