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Obergfoll Charlie - Luckiest Guy In The World - аккорды и текст

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Obergfoll Charlie - Luckiest Guy In The World - аккорды и текст

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Luckiest Guy In The World
Obergfoll Charlie
lyrics used with permission

Luckiest Guy in The World
By Charlie O  [ Charles Obergfoll]
This is my own work.

Luckiest Guy in The World.

[C7]I jump off tall[D7] curbs in a single[E7]bound,
Carry[C7] the [D7}groceries --and mow the[E7]grounds.
Salute[C7]myflag[D7] as it unfurls[E7].
And when[B7] I get home I feel like,
The [A7]Luckiest Guy in the[E9] World.

[G] [A] [G] [A] //[E9]

I'm the [A9]luckiest guy in the world.
The[E9] luckiest guy in the world.
[A]luckiest guy [G]-luckiest guy in the[E9] world.

[G] [A] [G] [A]// [E9]
[G]I've got a [A] woman[G]who acts[A]like an angel[E9]in love.
Shes got [G]so much[A]love that [G]she doesn't[A]even.... [E9]know...

[C7]We have four [D7] beautiful [E7]children
All happy[C7] and[D7] healthy ..God[E7] willing    
[A9]we sing and dance and give life a[E9] whirl.
And when I[B7] look in her eyes'I know
I'm the[A7] Luckiest Guy in the[E9] world.
repeat chorus

Words and music by Charles Obergfoll copyright all rights reserved.
Добавлено: 14.06.2013
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