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Novembers Doom - Harmony Divine - текст песни, видео

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Novembers Doom - Harmony Divine - текст песни, видео

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Come follow me, 

in the dark void running away from the burning of the fallen sun. 

The pain I have shown you is more than anyone could endure, 

It is your end as shown in a dream. 

I can carry you - far from this place,

only time will heal - the truth I give. 

Empathy for the helpless ones, 

I can't save them all from the darkness that encircles us, 

but now is not your time, 

I forbid this to be. 

You can't run forever - It touches all. 

All love is lost - in the eye of the flame. 

Sacrifice in the name of your God,

to splendor in life and wallow in fear of the days you await, 

but now is not your time, 

I take you with me. 

In harmony, I break my smile. 

Vertigo, the truth is revealed. 

Careless, sin-filled life, mourning, 

before your end. 

Help me, I cannot see, 

I am blind, to all that surrounds me.

Falling, from my grasp, reach out, and take my hand. 

Fearful, inner child. 

Dreaming, your time away. 

Curse the day, I saw your face, 

for now I see, your tragic end. 

Forward into life???‚¬??s calling, 

and reap its pleasures divine.
Добавлено: 21.07.2012
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