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Noumena - The Heralds Of Fall - текст песни, видео

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Noumena - The Heralds Of Fall - текст песни, видео

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 Seduced by cranes' call

 When golden mildness of August nights
 turn into desperate autumn rust
 doth harvest rot or crop decay
 as the deeds of men trouble them once again
 I inhale the dark depths of fall
 The last glimpse of day, alas, drifts away

 Swans spread their wings and head for the unknown
 rowans side to side bleed from autumnal souls
 The glow of your eyes and the blaze of your heart
 my saviour amongst the darkest arts
 In the starry night thou possess the might over me...

 Blade is forged to bleed
 Heart is made of forlorn breed
 Death wreathed to seduce
 the sons of the northern gloom
 Wrath born to be ablazed
 Soul cries after maiden's grace
 The curse cut upon the frozen stone
 on the shores of this ice-cold sea

 Your tears will fall for yesterdays
 as embers become dark the sorrow shows the way
 Wear the mourning gown, hear those celebration chants
 of the bride with the seven-flowered crown

 I lay my head upon the doleful bed
 under dead leaves of the sacrifice grove
 Or in oceanic grave will I forget my pains
 as I glide into night of infinity...

 To embrace frost on her velvet lips
 or hear the yearning from a silent sigh
 I must reach for the home of the restless ones
 where paths bear neither end nor name
 Groaning rain burns my weary frame
 The last glimpse of day guides my steps astray
Добавлено: 01.01.2014
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