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Not Quite There - Crying - аккорды и текст, видео

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Not Quite There - Crying - аккорды и текст, видео

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Not Quite There
Not Quite There:  Crying
from the LP "Searching For God"
released in 1999 by Captian Nemo Records

tabbed by Ethan Curtiss (  Intro Solo:
  Verse I:

        C               Em            Am              F       
        And If i'm crying out loud again,      
                             I wish It wasn't true
        C               Em            Am               F
        And If i'm crying out loud again,
                             I wish I was with you
        C               Em             Am              F
        I make believe
                              That you were never born  
        C               Em             Am              F
        At least that way
                               My heart  won't be torn
        C                Em             Am               F
        Since  you were  forever
                                 My heart shall feel the thorn

        Am              F          C              G
        What would life be like with you
        Am                         F                  C               G
        Say goodbye for tomarrow I hope to see you soon
        Am                               F                         C                  G
        I'll catch the wind in a bottle save it for a blue moon
  Am                 F                C             G
        My hopes and dreams all turned to screams

        Verse II:

        C        Em        Am       F
        Often times I fantasize
                       My life with you
  C      Em     Am            F
        Our walk down the isle
                 The flowers bright and blue    
        C           Em     Am       F
        Holding hands on the beach
                        Your love I beseach     
        C    Em             Am       F
        Alas this will never be
             A reality I'll ever reach

        Verse III:
        C                       Em         Am               F
        It's four in the morning
                                    I woke with a thought of you
        C                       Em      Am          F
        Third time this week
                                    J'aime tu dejavous
        C                       Em   Am           F
  Will I ever see sleep
                                 Me gusta  tu
        C                     Em              Am                  F
        My hopes and dreams all turned to smithereens

E-----------------------------------------             Key:
B----------------------------------------     Plain Text: Lead sings
G-----------------------------------------   Italics: backup sing
D--------5-3-2-------------------5-3-2---    Bold: everybody sings
Добавлено: 07.08.2013
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