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Not Half Bad - Newports - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Not Half Bad - Newports - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Not Half Bad
Band: Not Half Bad
Album: No Thanks EP
Song: Newports
Tuning: Standard

Chords: (highest note is optional, sounds good if you play acoustic)
   A     D    F#m


A    D    F#m    D   x2  (come in on second time)

A                               D
I'm left with my lobotomy, lost dreams of teenage piracy
   F#m                               D
to scour night time city streets for benefits for all to reap
    A                                     D
and all of us and in all our scores, we'd run the streets,
they'd lock their doors, we're not a stop or detour,
we'd take their world over.

A                          D                                  F#m
  And when its summer I'll smoke and choke and work on cancer
                     D                                 A
when they all leave,    I'll sleep all fucking winter
                         D        F#m                   D
but when the sun does rise,           I'll open up my eyes

and start the day.

Intro x1

Verse: (Same Chords)
I woke up an adult today at a loss for the things to say
and I think and try to start I'm found here all these worlds apart
on city streets in awe and stunned in burning heat of revolution and as age
makes one older why can't we start this over?


Solo (Play Intro x2)

Last Chorus x2: (first time just bass and drums)
I only smoke Newports
I only drink Mexican Coke
          F#m                               D
I only surround myself with people that the world's lost all hope.
A                            D
When I'm at my end and I'm surrounded by these friends
               F#m                              D
Well then I'll look back at my life and know it was no fucking joke.

Outro (Intro 1x)

I hope this is easy enough to follow for everyone.
Добавлено: 27.08.2013
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