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Northstar - Wanna Bang - текст песни, видео

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Northstar - Wanna Bang - текст песни, видео

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feat. Midnight, Shoshot, Tone Bone

[Chorus 2X: Tone Bone]
I don't think they really wanna bang (wanna bang)
They don't even wanna see the gang (see the gang)
I don't really think you feel me, man
How the Northstar click came through to run things

Yeah, they don't really wanna bang
Red rag, blue rag, sag, on my California gang
Ya'll niggas see the game, but this aim
The devil ain't playing, this is California gang
Northstar came, West Wu-Tang
And scripts like Mark Twain, the Sonny Cane'll reign
They don't even wanna see, the Christbearer G
And jubilee it, in the 6-4 weeded

I'm bout fine weed, bomb beats and bad bitches
See on my streets, we bang and hit switches
Riding high speed, car pool on twenty inches
Don't try me, and start fucking with my riches
See we all business, hard lyrics, we hard niggas
Pulling large triggers, have you swimming with the fishes
In these hard street, we deep, and so vicious
In a heart beat, we'll cancel you niggas Christmas
Ship us, West Coast, hard hitters
We rippers, oh, how I love my niggas
This a Kodak moment, and you niggas don't get the picture
Ya'll niggas so wack, we got bitches to get with ya
I'm the Shoshot, or shorty big pot
Little bitty nigga coming with the crip hop

[Chorus 2X]

Yeah, the Northstar click
But you can call us Killa Beez, a murderous masogenist
Young nigga wanna bang with me
And see the street life ain't what it claim to be
Young hoes, tell 'em who you came to see
Nickname CB from the NLB

[Meko the Pharaoh]
Northstar came through running things
Niggas love to bang, rolling in the cutty, mayne
Fresh off for death, doing 180's and shit
Pistol grip, though I'm crazy with it
Yeah, ya'll niggas don't know, you better find out
So you better hurry up, before the time's out
This is how we do it when we let these rhymes out
Northstar's what the world needs to know about
So everybody just bang, bang, bang
And let the NS do they thang, thang, thang
Cuz we the coldest in the game, game, game
Ya'll niggas better use your aim, nigga
Cuz we don't give a fuck, we'll blow it up
Niggas run it up, if you living real rough
The life I live, always been tough
My niggas in the hood, throw it up


Gangsta shit, weed in my grip
Really, that's what I'm with, only get fly bitches
Moving in my whip, chronic, in the swish
Niggas I fuck with, really don't give a shit
Bitches with big tits, love, gangsta dick
Gone, off the crypt, hoes, on the strip
Clocking on my grip, dollars, that's what I need
Water mixed with the weed, Cartel'll love me
Nigga, I stay keyed, gone off the Hennessey
You see, you see...

[Chorus 2X]

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ya'll don't really wanna bang with Doctor Strange
Yeah, yeah, the young Art Cane, the nine I dame
Yeah, yeah, the black Jack Lo Lane, back again, what

[Chorus 2X]
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