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Northstar - Up Town, Down Town - текст песни, видео

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Northstar - Up Town, Down Town - текст песни, видео

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feat. Shoshot, Tone Bone

[Intro: Christbearer (Tone Bone)]
Yeah, up town, up town
Yeah, yeah, down town, down town
What, what.. (Do what you wanna do)
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus 2X: Tone Bone]
Up town, down town, get your money, man
The world is in your hands, spend it while you can

Up town, down town
Hook 'em in the duel low lounge, niggas know when I'm around
I keep my poise for the crown, but I bought the toys for the clown
White boy, black round
I do what I wanna do, say what I wanna say
Mad cuz ya'll nigga can't fuck with crazy Dre
Christbearer, come see me like I'm meant to be seen
The mean king of everything, selling niggas dreams
My shrink on the blink, of the king blink ink
What you know about -- fuck, what you think
Christbearer, don't blink, still yelling
Fuck this world, like my shit don't stink

I pop things out of black rangers, I'm the greatest like Mike
Heat flamer, type smack a bitch in the club
If she ain't acting right, have to treat the hoes like Ike did Tina
Po-po's arrested me on a misdeamenor
Six four leaner, chopped up greenary blower
Three for fifty, Sho stopper
Cop popper, Superman in the hood
Banged out, feeling good, chain hanging
Dick swinging, gang banging, money making
Heart breaking, ho taking, talk slick
Move bricks, moms getting devi', but that's I talk shit

[Chorus 2X]

[Meko the Pharaoh]
Chrome all up in your zone, leave us alone
Deep thoughts lost, the ruler couldn't measure
There's a difference in the weather, get it together
Along came the day, Northstar rules the land
You listening to a man, who walk the rocky road
Words that explode, control the whole planet
Make your creature panic, girlfriends turn fanatic
My mind ain't having it, inhaling all the damages
Leaving bitches stranded, I can't confuse the young
Words from the tongue, getting girls sprung
Meko rock many, you heard that before
Blunt from the skull, deal with hydro
Get the feeling that you feel when you loose off the weed
Northstar rock ya'll niggas, guaranteed
Bitches on my team, and nigga with guillotines
Moving in the full, that super soul supreme

[Chorus 2X]
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