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Northstar - Drama - текст песни, видео

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Northstar - Drama - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
feat. Doc Doom, Lil' Disel, Madam Scheez
[Intro: Christbearer]
Yeah (19x)

[Chorus: Christbearer]
Drama, drama, that's what they call it
Drama, drama, bitches and niggas servin'
Drama, drama, that's what they call it
Drama, drama, don't even come to me with
Drama, drama, that's what they call it
Drama, drama, I'm tryin' to keep away' from
Drama, drama, that's what they call it
Drama, drama

Them bitches servin' drama, to the young Dhali Llama
Even stressing out my mama
I'mma trip, like my nigga Big Kip
When he had to put it down, servin' pounds of the chronic
Nigga, drama is a muthafucka
Bitches on my coat tail, while I'm bailing through the gutter
Comin' out me with a world of geez
Like, "It's your baby, and nigga, you gotta pay me"
I'm like, bitch, now I done heard it all before
While I was fuckin', you was givin' up the drawers galore
Don't even come at me with drama
I told them niggas in the Palmer, you fucks with Jeff Dahmer

[Lil' Disel]
It's that same shit that got my fam locked for ridin' with a burner
That same shit that made big Ike fight Tina Turner
That everyday block shit
When some niggas start and get killed, cuz they known to chill glock-less
All one, runnin' they lips til they're done
Your shine stop boy, like the eclipse of the sun
In fact, I move too strong, refusin' to fall weak
Just the bond and them jolly Northstars makin' a tweak
And you know if we was out for the bricks, we out to the beach
So one false move, and I'm slug to your speech
It would be one lesson, I'mma wish, I ain't have to teach
Like somebody grab these bangers and clean up the sweets

[Meko the Pharaoh]
Easy drawer, rollin' up roaches, West Coastin'
Time floatin', throats chokin', minds brokin'
Men holdin', and them niggas don't pause
The grimiest of them all, smoke you til you fall
But watch your angles, men get tangled
Fuckin' with them Lost Angels, I know you see that
Rat-a-tat-tat, a knife to your back, how you like that?
All over some snaps, my niggas love to jack
Ask my nigga Shorty Mack, he's a G.
Floatin' through the L.B., creatively
I float, rollin' on a Northstar boat
All fags get chocked, get broke and okeedoke

[Interlude: Doc Doom]
Yeah, Black Knights, nigga, huh, huh
You know how we do, nigga, uh-huh
Yeah, you niggas know, uh-huh, uh, uh

[Doc Doom]
I'm quick to do you in, my Ruger spin your foolish men
My team is whooligans, who swim laps through these pools of sin
Every day in Camelot, some one get shot a foul murder
Plus the blocks stay hot, from cops chasin' curb servers
Hit the gate quick, and sit up in a cell, take wasted
My brothers in the pen right now, takin' up stake flicks
He stated, insisted to trick you like a book of Matrix
He hate it, but he's a rider, so I know he'll make it

[Madam Scheez]
That nigga better watch his mouth, and jump off the couch
On my way, to my baby daddy baby mama house
He got a whole lot of nerve, drop the babies and the bottle
On the god damn curb
Three o'clock, pop lockin', on my way out the crib
Nigga, hit me on the cell, he off a four year bid
Six o'clock in the morning, when I opened the door
Seized by nigga made a palet, on my living room floor
I'm like, yo, hold up, you got me fucked up
You broke up in my chair, you dirty nigga bear
Dondada, bring the drama, like the end of the line
Gotta go, grab the four, cuz we check out time
Scheez by nerve, got the herb, so lay in the back of the cut
On meter maids, D.A.'s, police and tow trucks
I got expired registration, on my form of probation
Of the Hennessey sensation, fuck the wishes obsession, drama
Добавлено: 29.10.2013
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