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Northstar - Bust Ya Guns - текст песни, видео

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Northstar - Bust Ya Guns - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
feat. G.I.'s, Holocaust

[Intro: Holocaust]
Long Beach ruffians, lump and smack you in hip hop
(We in the darkest corner in this world)
Lump and smack you in hip hop (Northstars, Warcloud)
Lump and smack you in hip hop (tropical bay)
Long Beach warn ya, lump and smack you in hip hop (loose lady
Jive indian darts in your alley)

[Chorus 2X: Holocaust]
Bust ya guns, all my West Coast niggas, we coming through
Represent your neighborhood, your set, click, or crew
Sip a brew, hit a few muthafuckas, dead in the jaw
Just for looking at a West Coast soldier, who wanna brawl?

Zombies couped up in a cottage, big Jimmyfish
Thirteen evil bandits rob the widows
I hit Victoria, over the head with pillows
He had a toy pistol and cotton, for a beard
The place will buckle, my pistol wrapped in today's paper
Hitchcock caper, you come to the wall of barrels
Apple hit the arrows through black rappers that's narrow
Lean a horse eyelash, snowflakes, the war hawk
Swamp cyborg, I cut 'em down with the twelve gauge
Front page tackle, all day, at the power plant
Red spider chick copped the three-eighty, who knew?
The beautiful young lady danced without her shoe
I rubbed my knee three times, caught it like Mr. Bedrock
How I slit a throat in the chapel, during crusades
Sixty bugs and get naked fast, I always dashed
With the cash, alakazam, ale -- go past
Dirty shots vic', caliber torns, heavy corruption bar
Famous red clips, battles, sword let the place, they construction yard

[Chorus 2X]

Yeah, bust ya gun, nigga, represent your click
Bang like a blood, nigga, walk like a crip
They want beef, nigga, let 'em all drip
It's a mack in yo back, with a fully loaded clip
I sip a brew, this'll do, I crack the young nigga in the head
With the mickey twenty two
Then bust a nigga in his jaw, who wanna jump wall?
My sawed off shotgun, above the law
Hit the block, let the beat bump loud
It's that bangin' Northstar featuring my nigga Warcloud
Yeah, West Coast shit, Long Beach, Compton, Watts
L.A. to Inglewood, bitch
Who wanna brawl? Fuck around, and catch 'em all
Flip the gat, to the spinal, for your final curtain call
Make the London Bridge fall, make the big nigga real real small

[Meko the Pharaoh]
We poly on this, gather on different types of beats
Northstar music is hard as concrete
We regulate the airwaves from New York to Long Beach
With different types of sounds, and that's just underground
With words of wisdom for the world to hear
Never disappear until the smoke is clear
West Coast ride, Northstar drive
All ya'll funny niggas better lay down or die
We generate the energy that pierce ya ears
Wipe away your tears and kill all ya fears
Meko's here to revive your whole fear
And take ya'll niggas out the atmosphere

[Chorus 2X]

Aiyo, you know where I'm from
And if you don't know, check the slums
I'm from where niggas carry guns, and stay on one
Who wanna brawl, I'm the sickest of them all
I'm the realest you ever saw, in my trace, I decide seesaw
I rip my balls when I floss, this is for all my dogs and my loc's
Twisted on hundred spokes, who getting that throat
Making a G an hour, pushing that Eddie Bauer
Making a killing, I'm willing
To get on the block and serve, pushing them birds
A West Coast Killa Bee, bitch, you heard?

[Chorus 2X]
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