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Northstar - Break Bread - текст песни, видео

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Northstar - Break Bread - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
feat. Madam Scheez, Midnight
[Intro: movie sample]
I'm gonna hold it out
And I'm not give a damn what I do
And I'm gonna make the biggest God damn explosion
You've ever heard...

[Chorus 4X: Meko the Pharaoh]
I make bitches break bread for the game
And punk muthafuckas in my lane, do the same

I'm getting brain, in the back of my Mustang
And muthafuckas better feel my pain, I'm switching lanes
Running from the cops, they can't catch me, see I was born sitting
Busting off my glocks is naturally, ways
That's the real, and the way it has to be, see life is a tragedy
Without tragedy, there's no life in me
Besides when bitches make me sick
Always talking that bullshit

Yeah... I'm making bitches break bread for the game
Leaving niggas left for dead, in the game
Young Sugar Shane, his cousin crazy Eddie Kane
Pimping hoes where I steady reign
Christbearer, step out in the mink
Making all you bitches pink, how close can I step to the weight
Without falling, yeah, Christbearer, balling
I hear the streets calling, for di-di yes ya'lling

[Interlude: Christbearer (Midnight) {girl}]
Aiyo, yo, check it out, yo
(Aiy, aiy, come here for a second, let me holler at you)
Suuu-ey, yo sweet water, can I holla-holla? {Hell no}
(Aiy, let me holla at you, come here for a second)
{I ain't try'nna talk to ya'll broke ass nigga}
(I just wanna holla at you, come here)
{Uh-uh, nigga please} (Ahh, fuck you bitch)

[Madam Scheez]
I'm diggin low up, for triple folder, try'nna get over
I told her, your life is over, I'm your Jehovah
Controller, like I was goaler, mental high dome like a roller
That means ya troll up, see mama's home, I ain't sober
Intoxicated, and immulated, since she dated
But never made it, her hair was braided, so we shade it
She contemplated, and elevated, then related
Triple X rated, triple X rated...

[Chorus 4X]

Yeah, dollars make the hoes holla
And best believe we on a mission to make cheese
Doing eight down the back streets, blowing on trees
Heater by my side, I never know when I'mma ride, I'm a pimp for life
The game ain't change, I got a tat' that re-arrange
I push an all black range, with about five ratchets in the back, known gats
With a pocket full of stacks, that's beyond for a dream
Go head, tapping ya locks, supreme, you know what I mean

[Interlude: Christbearer (girl)]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, ho, hey yo, you got my money? (hey baby)
Do you have my money? (yeah, baby, I got your money)
Ahh, yeah, cuz I gots to get paid, I gots to stay paid
(Nigga, I ain't gotta do this shit no more, fuck this shit)
No more? What, what, what, you mean, no more
There's plenty of, there's plenty of money in the hood
(What you talking bout, you broke) There's plenty of tricks on the clicks, baby
(I ain't got no...) What? (You know, I ain't got time for that shit)
Oh, I will slap, I will slap-- (Nigga, you'll what? Nigga you won't slap a
muthafucka hand
Nigga, fuck you, ain't nobody got time for you and your punk ass games
Fuck you and all your bitches, I don't have time for this shit
I'm bout to get out there, and get my money, on the real, on the grind, fuck
what you talking bout)

[Chorus 4X]
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