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Northstar - 64 - текст песни, видео

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Northstar - 64 - текст песни, видео

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Northstar (x8)

[Christ Bearer]
I keep hearin footsteps in the dark
and Killah-Killah-Killah-Killah in the F-Sharp
Christ Bearer the monarch, a West Coast hip-hop shark
You motherfuckin mark, I coerce and nurse the universe
Emmerse the megahertz from a mega to the first
I rule the world like my name is Love
Then knock your ass out, Iron-Fist, velvet gloved
and with the ill gotten game, a Thunderbird to the night train
I go Kurt Cobain, I contemplate the game sippin Vodka, fame
In a chain, a hurricane, on Memory Lane
I'm makin money now, bitch, 'Bling, Bling'
It's Shallah Ameen, gettin rich with Rakeem
I rock the khakis with the crease and smoke the hashish
with Maurice, that's shield in the leafs
Christbearer be a true artiste
On my momma, my two nephews and my niece

[Chorus 3X: Christ Bearer (Meko the Pharaoh)]
Cruisin' down the street in my 64 (Impala)
Talkin' to bitches (yeah) Clockin' the ho's (4 sho)

[Meko the Pharaoh]
Just under one of them days
When the Sun beams down on a hot L.B. pave'
With the temperatures that reach the mid-90's
Police always grimy, my niggaz stay grindin'
And we'll pull the trigger, off of water of liquor
'Til you feel ya body shiver, remember
These niggaz don't play no games
They make the West Coast shuffle with the big ol' flames
Ask my nigga Doc. Doom, they cock the big ol' cannons, that really go boom
Leave a nigga face-down in the dirt
Police lookin' for they brain, all over the Earth
And that's just the meth'
It really don't make a difference, even if you wear a vest
Niggaz head-huntin' nowadays, floatin' through the West
Runnin' up with 12-gauges, semi-auto Tec's
Hollering, Break yo'self, come out yo' shit
While you feelin' hopeless with all that grip
Cuz the Boyz in the Hood is really a Menace
While some niggaz joke like it's really a gimmick

[Chorus 3X]

 NorthStar (x6)
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