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Noor Ali - Ooncha Hoon Main - аккорды и текст, видео

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Noor Ali - Ooncha Hoon Main - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ooncha Hoon Main
Noor Ali
Zain Khalid

    Ooncha Hoon Main By Ali Noor (Noori)

D G Bm A G

Verse 1:
(D)Ooncha Hoon...
Girna Kahin (G)Chahta
Chaahay Moun (Bm)Jalay

Tann (G)Jal...

Same pattern for remaining verse.

Us Pay (A)Oonchay...
Aur (G)Oonchay...
(Bm)Oonchay (A)Khayal
Par (G)Neecha...
Aur (Bm)Neecha...
Aur (F#m)Neecha...
Us Pay (G)Oonchi (A)Yeh (G)Shaan

Verse 2:             
[Play lead 1 (below) here in the background. I don't know
much about measures and stuff so you'll have to listen
to the song to get the timing right. I not sure if the lead
is perfectly right or not, but it works for me. The rythm for
this verse is the same as before]
Lead 1:





[the e--7-7-7-in the beginning is actually the 7th fret being
trilledon (played very fast). But I just wrote -7-7-7- because
I can't think of how to tab the trilling.  
You'll have to hear the song to get it right]

Repeat Chorus


Bm                              G                   * 4

(Bm)Aur Na... 

[The Bm and G chords keep repeating throughtout the  bridge]

Repeat Chorus

And that's it.


If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, other Noori tabs, or
anything else,
please mail me at:

This tab is completely my own work.

Zain Khalid
Добавлено: 15.07.2013
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