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None More Black - Oh Theres Legwork - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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None More Black - Oh Theres Legwork - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Oh Theres Legwork
None More Black
Put together for your convienience by BK.
Like i said in the tab, i play along with the record all the time.
Its right. 

E           Ab  C#            A                    
I don't belong, singing these anthems. 
E             Ab       C#            A
This fever is cunning. Deadly, it's running 
E            Ab  B     
straight for the exit, 
F#               Ab  A Ab F# 
detoured through my veins. 
E              Ab           C#     A
Telling me to "Get the Fuck Out". 

E           Ab C#          A  
I don't recall how it all started. 
E              Ab         C#          A 
I tripped on a bass line. Now my guitar screams 
E       Ab B
loud about living, 
F#      Ab A Ab F#
loud about love, 
E                        B 
loud about loathing myself. 

E                     A     B
When all is said and done. 
E                          A      B
When all we've said, we've done.

E                  Ab        C#           A
I've howled at the moon. Been sick by the sunrise. 
E             Ab      C#              A
I've taken abuse from those who have no right 
E          Ab  B
conducting the violins 
F#      Ab A Ab F#      
playing my song. 
E    Ab    C#      A
Woah-oh oh, woah-oh oh

E                  Ab     C#        A
Thee things that I choose require opinion. 
E            Ab         C#           A
Demand satisfaction and commercial reaction. 
E              Ab  B
I'll just keep on moving 
 F#       Ab A Ab F#
losing every thread. 
E                          B
Tied to the place I call home.

*Play E on the 7th fret of the A string for the breakdown.*

E7                             A
We are the brand new beatniks. 
We are the down and outers. 
We are the bleeding hearts, bleeding syncopated, broken rythm. 
E7                             A
Our speed is often break neck. 
Just need to slow it down some. 
                          A                      E7
Tired of being sleepless. Tired of being broken.
Добавлено: 04.04.2012
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