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Nomeansno - Lost - текст песни, видео

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Nomeansno - Lost - текст песни, видео

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Faced with several choices  

All of them wrong  

Snap out of it, I tell myself  

Stop singing that same old song  

The All Clear sounds but the streets are deserted  

We sit in shelters with out eyes averted  

I searched for your face amoung those who remained  

But they were  

All the Same  

I wanted it all, now I find I'm lost  

You screamed that I had sold you out  

That there had to he something I could do  

I'm just trying to hold on, I said  

But when you were gone what could I hold on to?  

This world is tangled deceptive and huge  

You make your choices, try to find what's true  

You got lost, that's what happened to you  

But now  

I'm lost too  


To this land I was driven, to the land of the misgiven,  

To the land of false starts, to the land of missing parts  

I wanted it all, now I find I'm lost  


I go to work everyday  

Come home and watch the news  

What chance did we have, I think  

Just us two?  

In the Occupied Zone there's nowhere to hide  

Missiles with eyes search for all who survive  

I couldn't get through at all  

Still I called und called und called  

Добавлено: 26.07.2012
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