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Nocturnus - Aquatica - текст песни, видео

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Nocturnus - Aquatica - текст песни, видео

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In the future year - 2023

Multinational warlords - build an aquatic colony

In the struggle for - total domination

Corporate powers - move in to take control

Stratagem inset

Manipulate the opposition

Wrath of devastation

to reduce life status

Martial law declared - surveilance over the colonies

Wage and mayhem - put to an end momentarily

Resolving confrontations - over territorial disputes

Battles break out - when negotiations crumble

Charred remains

washing to the shore

Escaped ones flee

to the surface

Vessels patrol

the ocean floor

Maintaining border dominion

through eradication of organisms

Sea and surface life

All is sacrificed

In quest for

reign of the deep


masters the seas

the last remaining frontier

gains the wealth locked in the brine

Precious minerals sought - by the surface

Hostile takeover of - the mining communities

Stormtroopers of technology

Careful to maintain nitrogen balance

Surgically removing

the enemy within

New leaders create - order out of chaos

A civilization - beneath the depths

Arson of power

conquering the oceans - Forming imbalance

Particles react

Expire life from - the precious seas

Thresholds mend

Sludge chain reaction - melts them down again

Depth charge

Destabilizing crust - and floor

Instructed probes

Sear the water from - the toxic veil

Weapons system

Tear the living - from their glory

Vandal masters

carving up - the biosystem

Submerged deep

Fatal dictatorship - of the seas

[spoken verse]

Surface dwellers tremble

from a new superpower

Superior intellect choosing

Base in the seas

Systematically eliminating

All who do not take heed

Stench of the aftermath

confirms Aquatica's victory

No longer shall there be

any separations between cultures

Remaining survivors cast into a

melting pot of conglomerate slavery

Absolute extinction of the once

praised heroic patriot

Lands of solid ground turned into

a biodegradable human wastleland

Pay homage to the ocean

where the kingdom now dwells

Aquatica, the submerged city
Добавлено: 04.03.2012
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