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Nightmares On Wax - Sound of N.O.W. [EP] - текст песни, видео

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Nightmares On Wax - Sound of N.O.W. [EP] - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
We just keep on rockin' (7x)

86'in it
We was 5 bricks in it
Firm like a silicon tit in it
Had the sticks and the 40's all thick in it
Workin hard like we cotton-pickin it
Now we shittin it
Herb spittin it
Atom and neutron headz splittin it
Keep the clique (?) you know whatever syncin it
Press the record button start printin it
Now she winkin it
I's trickin it
Stuffed about a couple-a inch in it
UK represent, U-Kickin it
Wide open, stop you from blinkin it
We be overseas, battleship sinkin it
Your rhymes sound like you put no think in it
You out for the Rolly look and the mink in it
While we sportin the real roller-rink in it
Skate like we wearin the ice to infinite
Bout it like we runnin with P and No Limit
Straight and no gimmick
We all bout to it (?)
From Piccadilly Circus down to Conduit
Ask how we do it
Keepin the fix in it
Lay some old shit, complete the mix in it
Expenses we trimmin, I'm out to afford
I'm tryin to even see the lawn from backyard to the brawl (?)

From Capetown to Leeds (we just keep on rockin)
We at incredible speeds (we just keep on rockin)
LA over to France, we make your hoes dance
Fulfillin all your needs (we just keep on rockin)

And wild out to London (we just keep on rockin)
You know how we run it (we just keep on rockin)
Whether the mountains of Maine or beaches out in Spain
We out to go sun it (we just keep on rockin)

Yo, take your style to the back, to the back of the bus
We front seat drive, no one else stares but us
Never the act of, I activate the jam
That be my life Baby J (?) and you know who I am
The fans pulling cameras out like guns to shoot
We got this rap shit tied without the suit
Lookin for loot, in all the right places to look
And tonight it's in your pocket so pay these cooks
Cause we servin up a batch of the words to match
Hand delivered with some drugs that Mace attached (Maceo!)
My combos concrete, ask the fleet
Or better yet ask your crew who knows defeat
But beyond that I be the capital cat (?)
Known to dog a girl out with wax or dat (all that?)
Bring official illustration to woman and man
Solo, individual, group or clan
Put the chap (?) to the neck to watch you nod
Flippin rhymes on the even, off the odd
Fresh off the pod, I got the gifted place
What you need to taste up in your face
Straight with no chase, move on and on
We splicin projects with some herbal-ons (?)
De La never pitchin you run of the mill
So watch my infantry storm all over the hill

40 below in Alaska (we just keep on rockin)
To the folks in Madagascar (we just keep on rockin)
When we in Philly eatin cheese steaks with Aunt Milly
We still gonna blast ya (we just keep on rockin)

Up in the Alps of Switzerland (we just keep on rockin)
To the white cliffs of Dover (we just keep on rockin)
High tech like Japan, and out to Scotland
Where they ain't never sober (we just keep on rockin)

It's singulary like the Odd Couple, kinda hot on the pavement
Your style is pretty like floral arrangements
Engaged but, she bitchin bout the wedding (word?)
Seen a lot of ass so where's my ass-headin?
Miss my Pro-Keds with the stripes on the bottom
Always cross my t's but my i's I don't dot em
See the rules ain't the rules if they ain't bein broke
We old-folkin it, got you smokin it
Herb communications cause we talk that talk
Whether Yorkshire or New York, New York
Deep from the sleeps, I'm gettin Nightmares on Wax
Fear can't exist if you got the facts
And if you gots to ask, well you ain't heard about us
Holdin more cream than the cream in clam chowders
We deep like Parliament, parts of it
We keeps at all ease from the start to get (?)

You can find my rhymes where paperbacks are sold
Place my backbone in it with my heart to hold
Добавлено: 14.10.2013
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