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Nick Giaconia - Psalm - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nick Giaconia - Psalm - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nick Giaconia
Psalm - Nick Giaconia
>From the Album "Center of the Earth" on Storyville Records.

This guy's from out of Columbus and is perhaps one of the least-recognized greats
singers of Christian Musicdom (is that a word?)... If you don't know his stuff,
become one of the few and joyous that do!  Just a brief editorial before the


	   E			A
Blessed is he whose sins are forgiven.

	   E			B	
Blessed is he whose sins are no more.

	   A			B
Blessed is he whose hate is forgotten.

	   A		B	E
Blessed is he whose spirit is pure.

When I kept silent,

I wasted away.

My body cried,

	E	   B
Both -- night and day.

	C#m			  B
I grew weary, Your heavy Hand on me.

	     A                   E     B
I begged forgiveness, Lord have -- mercy.

(VERSE II - Same Progression as V.I)
This flood of waters
Has taken me.
Watch me drown,
Keep Your -- eyes on me.
My sorrows many, as any wicked man.
Lord, surround me,
Please -- take my hand.

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