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Nick Cave - The Hammer Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nick Cave - The Hammer Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Hammer Song
Nick Cave
Riff 1 TAB:

^ means slide. This riff is played with lots of delay added.

This is the riff played by the guitar throughout the verse -
check record for exact rhythm.

The bits in {} are bass bits for bass guitar!)

Gm                   {G    F#    F    D    G (lo)}
I set out on Monday the night was cold and vast
                    (Guit Riff 1)
and my brother slept
and though i left quite quietly
          { G F# F D F(lo)}                 (guit Riff 1)
my father raged and raged and my mother wept
now, my life was like a river all sucked into the ground
             G#                         Gm
and then the hammer came down, Lord the hammer came down

Repeat  until:

Then I came upon a river and I laid my saddle down
             G#                          Gm
and then the hammer came down, lord, the hammer came down
              F                         Eb
it knocked me to the ground and I said "please please,
                 G#                      Gm
take me back to my home town", Lord, the hammer came down
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