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New Years Day - Tombstone - аккорды и текст, видео

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New Years Day - Tombstone - аккорды и текст, видео

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New Years Day
Artist: New Years Day
Song: Tombstone 
Album: Victim To Villian (2013)
Arranged by: Danny Kelsey (finalityshade)

The intro is fingerpicked--
I attempted to tab it, but the second chord might sound a bit off. 
You can listen to the song for reference if that helps. 
 JUST a heads up, the chords should be barred especially G. 
--Intro: C# C5 x2--
      C#           C#             C5 
  --Verse 1--
  C#            C5
Tie the knot, tie the noose.
  Ab              C#
Here we lie, in love and truth,
       G              C#
In a coffin built for two.
When all that's left,
Is skin and bones,
      G  ~~~~~~~~~~         C#
I'll still have love..... for you.

--Interlude (pluck the intro chords): C# C5 x2--

   --Verse 2--
   C#            C5
Rest in Peace, rest with me,
   Ab                    C# 
Through the dark, and through the light,
       G                   C#
I'll hold you close, I'll hold you tight,
    Ab            C#           G 
Forever yours, forevermore, forevermore,
     Ab       G        Ab       C# 
So close your eyes, for one last time,
    Ab        C#       
If tonight we fall asleep,
     Ab       G ~~~~~~        C#        C# 
I'll pray my soul be yours to keep, to keep.

 --(fingerpick the intro) two times --
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