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New Model Army - These things shall never be spoken - аккорды и текст, видео

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New Model Army - These things shall never be spoken - аккорды и текст, видео

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These things shall never be spoken
New Model Army

This one seems to be in 3/4 or 6/12 or somesuch. 

Laid out below with lyrics; first verse amp; chorus, the chord is above the associated lyric; 
further on it is in parentheses before the word during which it sounds. Essentially, Am C D Am 
F G Am for the verse with some repetition of the Am F G for the chorus. listen to it and 
decide which dissonant notes you want to keep. rock on; vi2pr8r
Am (add B)/ Am 
(I play one measure with added B and resolve next meas. to Am; this dissonance and resolution 
by measures continues through the song, the way i play it)

(Am cont'd)
Through the 
C (add B)/ C  (ditto)
years of decay we 
Dm (add E) / Dm (ditto)
creep like tigers in 
Am (add B) / Am
cages, With 
each passing turn
smaller and smaller the
Am (add B) / Am
circles, every
C (add B) / C
weapon and word
Dm (add E) / Dm
legitimate now as pro-
Am (add B) / Am
-tection, but

these things should
never be 
Am (add B) / Am
spoken, no [repeat]

verse ii. (essentially the same as v. i, above)
I (C) stand undefeated (Dm) alone in the ring just (Am) pacing
the (F) sweat and the blood (G) dried on my hands all (Am) wasted
I shout (C) come back and fight for (Dm) I am the king but the
(F) lights are all out and the (G) people are gone we 
(Am) always burn brightest when 
(F) no one is looking and (G) I kissed the lines on your
(Am) beautiful face 
(vamp on this Am (add B) / Am bit a couple bars here, then) 
but (to chorus)

verse iii.
(C) sometimes your hunger for (Dm) life seems like despera-
(Am)-tion, yeah, when I (F) read about the world these days (G)
all i can feel is (Am) hatred. the
(c) fortune teller's (Dm) closing her doors, she
(F) looked in her crystal and saw (G) nothing at all, they're
(Am) waiting 'round here for (F) something to happen they
(G) won't really want it when it
(Am) rolls out to meet them  (vamp) but (to chorus).

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