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New England - Conversation - аккорды и текст, видео

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New England - Conversation - аккорды и текст, видео

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New England
Conversation by New England  (written by John Fannon)

Great pop song from the 1981 Explorer Suite album. 
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C Am Em  (2x)

C                     Em         Am
Is there anyone wholl act on mybehalf?
We just need to start again from the top
Its so simple to start with a hello
C                 Em              Am
I beg your pardon for this aching heart
Chapter one has almost been lost
And recognize I never want to let you go
C               Em              Am
But it seems as though, when we both sit here alone
If Hollywood only understood
Look in my eyes, dont listen to all those lies 
                   F             C      G 
All we here us the echo from our broken hearts (Chorus)
Wed never hear the echo, of be front page new  (Chorus / Solo over Chorus/ Bridge)
Cover up the echo, before we run out of time (Chorus - end) 

C              Am            Em
Conversation , conversation, thats all we need  (2x)
               F                   C    G 
How can such a simple thing, be so hard

Am                                             Em 
When love is fading, do you really know whats happening? 
               Am                     Em
Do you shut it out? And lose all your harmony
          F                  Dm  G  
It can be alright, it can be okay
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