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The New Basement Tapes - Diamond Ring - аккорды и текст, видео

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The New Basement Tapes - Diamond Ring - аккорды и текст, видео

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Diamond Ring
The New Basement Tapes
                                    DIAMOND RING - The New Basement Tapes

Tabbed By: Macheeoo

*Let me just say that this isn't going to be 100% accurate - I came as close as I could with the correct 
chord shapes and picking pattern until I was satisfied with the result. These will not be the correct chord
names on some occasions. If you have any changes that you'd suggest others play leave them in the comments.  

Taylor Goldsmith is leaving behind a legacy of beautifully crafted guitar pieces that I'm honored to even
listen too let alone play. This is another such piece...

Tuning: Standard

Chords Used:
    E  E E E A  A B  Bm7 C#m G# G#m D

Picking Pattern for Verse:
    E                               E                      E           Bm7         A
 |  A          C#m                     G#m                      A            B          E            |

Picking Pattern for Chorus:
    A (x4)         E (x4)        G# (x2)        C#m         A             D (x2)         D

Open with E bass notes

E                     E
If I ever get back to St. Louis again
              E      Bm7     A
There's gonna be some changes made
          C#m                           G#m   
I'm gonna find old Alice and right where I left off
           A          B    E
It's gonna be just as if I stayed

E                              E
That old organ grinder's gonna wind his box
        E                Bm7   A
And the knife sharpener's gonna sing
     C#m                  G#m
When I get back to St. Louis again
          A        B       E
I'm gonna buy that diamond ring


Diamond ring
Diamond ring
Shine like gold
  C#m       A      D
Behold that diamond ring

If I ever get back to St. Louis again
Everybody's gonna smile
One of the Mack girls dragged me up to Washington
I got stuck there for a while

She gave me more misery than a man can hold
And I took her bad advice
Now I don't aim to bother anyone
I have paid that awful price

Diamond ring
Diamond ring
Shine like gold
Behold that diamond ring

If ever I get back to St. Louis again
That diamond ring is gonna shine
That old burlesque dancer is gonna bum around
And everything's gonna be fine

I'm gonna settle up my accounts with lead
And leave the rest up to the law
Then I'm gonna marry the one I love
And head out for Wichita

Diamond ring
Diamond ring
Shine like gold
Behold that diamond ring

(End on D strummed ^)
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