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The Never Ending - Mulholland Drive - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Never Ending - Mulholland Drive - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mulholland Drive
The Never Ending
Track: Mulholland Drive
Artist: The Never Ending
Album: One (EP)

Capo 3

Em                   G           D
I'm looking out from Mulholland drive
Em                      G              D
I see the cloud but it can't hide the lights
Bm                      G           D
And all the wrong won't change the right
Am                                G
Just like the dark can't hide the light
Em                      G           D
Stars on the ground but none in the sky
Em                          G              S
It's hard to get found when lost feels so right
Bm                 G         D
And all around are bloodshot eyes
Am                           C
But this town can't hide the light


Em                         G
I know the golden rule is tarnished something dull
Em                            G
I know that it's been looking gray
Em                     C                       D
I know I'm going home when the flame goes out one day
Am               G
I can't hide the light

Em                 G         D
I'm looking out at hospital signs
Em             G           D
Going round in circles of light
Bm             G                    D
Valley thrills don't need sleep to fight
Am                            C
But the Hills can't hide the light


Spending money no one has
C              G
To buy tickets just to see
Wax forms of plastic people
You once saw on a movie screen
Little girl high off the ground
Don't trip its a long way down
It'll all make sense someday
Em                       D
Just don't let your love fade


Добавлено: 10.12.2015
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