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Nephew - New Years Morning - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nephew - New Years Morning - аккорды и текст, видео

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New Years Morning
                         New Years Morning - Nephew

   / Nephew                      / Tabbed by: Bee-Ay
  / New Years Morning           / 
 / Danmark/Denmark 2009        / Tuning: Standard

       Am                    G
Blown off was my power – and murdered my peace
    Am                        G
It thundered in darkness: and if you had faith
   F                  C, Em
To move even mountains
It profits you nothing
               C                Em, G
When stony and cold is the heart

Am, Em

G                  Am, Em
New Year's Morning
G            C     F, C
New Year's Morning
Em                 F, C
New Year's Morning

Em, G

Am                         G
Then misery taught me – in midwinter's chill
Am                              G
That light without warming – is torment of hell
   F                 C
To struggle I wanted
  Em                          F
Towards love's very fountain
            C                Em, G
Myself I'd wish to transform

Wher darkly from mountains – a thundering sound
Ascends with much power – from song of the old
Where tones fully bustle – with roar over field
As torrents do weiter – in dale of the cliffs
      F                   C, Em
Just there felt belonging
My heart which when speaking
        F           C           Em, G
Like roar, was an echo in stone

New Year's Morning

F                C, Em
Sing low over forest
Sing high over water:
                  C                 Em, G
God's peace over people of the north

Am, F#

F             G     Am, F#
New Year's Morning
F             G
New Year's Morning
Добавлено: 29.08.2013
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