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Nemesis - Pusherman '95 - текст песни, видео

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Nemesis - Pusherman '95 - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
(Cocaine is America's cup of coffee)

	(Standin on the corner, tryin to sell some rock)	(4x)

[ VERSE 1: Ron C ]
It was 1-9-8-6
I had the crack in the mix
Makin my propers, gettin paid, stackin a grip
From 20's to bitches, from haps to hoes
On the corner pushin boulders, livin way too bold
My bank roll start gettin hecka big
Then a snitchin rat bitch cold turned me in
Went and bit my lip, got swoll' and shit
Now it's 1995, I be tellin the tip
Some brothers is dyin, some brothers gettin rich
Callin theyself 9-5 crack dealer pimp
Ain't that a trip, that's how I thought, fool
Lookin at these young bucks I see myself, dude
But they don't hear you though
I'm tryin to tell em so
When you're broke as a joke, player, you can sell dope
Puttin your life on the line, you gets no hoe
All because you wanna be the man sellin kilos

	(11 tons of Columbian leaves's of heroine powder turned State's evidence)
	(I remember back...when he started
	The guys who last in this business
	Are the guys would fly straight
	Low key, quiet...)

[ VERSE 2: Big Al ]
Time's movin up, put your man out on the cut
If he bangin, hangin, or tryin to come up
Got that lleyo when he pumps it for the fiends to smoke
Cause he really ain't down with bein broke
He does it on the under, and teach young fools
Don't want the spot hot, player, keep it on the cool
He takes no losses, avoids all snitches
Cause life ain't nothin but money, fuck bitches
And when you cross the gate he never hesitates
He'll hook you up straight, cause he always got weight
Bodyguards watch his back, he watch them too
Cause if they catch him slippin, they'll jump this fool
And though he makes his money from fools gettin high
He's doin what he's doin tryin to get by
Cause a pusher's got a purpose, the pusher's got a plan
He's king of the kilo, but the pusher is a man
...was a damn youngster

	(Boo-ya, let me go)
	(Six in the mornin, police at my door)	--> Ice-T

	(...dope dealer, man
	You better save some cash while you can
	Ridin around in her Mercedes Benz
	Smokin cocaine with all her friends)	--> Toddy Tee

[ VERSE 3: Joe Macc ]
I know you know the subject
So all you bustas get checked
Pusherman's a hustler that you gotta respect
He likes nice cars, and lots of guns
Saves 50's, 100's and burns the 1's
He's large, no doubt, that's what it's all about
And when he's high-sidin, can't keep playa out his mouth
Say that dope is his thang, and he does it the best
But at night he tried to sleep, but could not rest
So he centered his life around all that crack
And had two bodyguards watchin his back
Got his crew together and didn't waste no time
Till some sucker-ass nigga straight dropped the dime
And told the feds everything he knew
About the pusherman and his so-called crew
They say what goes up, will take a nose dive
The pusherman didn't make it to see '95

	(...80% of them are drug cases, and why?
	Cause everybody out there is a crackhead
	Doctors, lawyers, housewives
	Cocaine is America's cup of coffee)
	(You ever seen one drugdealer? They don't exist)
	(We're supposed to protect our people, not destroy them)
	(Look at his arms, he loves that shit more than he loves us)
	(At 10:05 a ki is...
	You can't lose money no way
	We make 75 million on this deal, right?
	75 million...)
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