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Nelly - Pretty Toes - текст песни, видео

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Nelly - Pretty Toes - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
(feat. Jazze Pha, T.I.) 

[Nelly + (Jazze Pha)] 
(Whoa) OHH! C'mon (Ladies and gentlemen) 
Ohh (Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen!) 
We wanna welcome e'rybody for comin out tonight (Phizzle Phizzle) 
(Most definitely) To another S-T-L/A-T-L connection 
Whoo! We don't normally do this 
But uhh.. we gon' keep the party goin (All around the world) 

[Chorus: Jazze Pha] 
Girls, girls, fly girls (yeah yeah yeahhhh) 
Pretty toes all around the world. 
I'm lookin for the country girls (go shorty, do your thing now) 
City girls (go shorty, do your thing now) 
Sexy girls (go shorty, do your thing now) 
Pretty girls, ohh yeah 

I need that one that'll make ya heart stop when you see her 
She can get a pick of the 'Llac or the Modena 
I'll give it all from two to fo'-seaters 
It ain't gotta be Halloween, I'm +trickin+ just to +treat+ her 
Jealousy in the urr - other girls wanna be her 
She young right now, she's an up-and-comin diva 
She ain't gotta measure up, but she gotta be off the meter 
But if I can dance with Cindy, I can dance with Shaquita 
Cause I know I can, I shall, I will 
I feels I can, I felt 
I plays with a whole lotta mil's 
You ain't talkin 'bout nothin if you ain't talkin 'bout dollar bills (hey!) 
Shorty glow shine, so fine, you gotta keep her (hey!) 
Pretty toed, half Black, half senorita (hey!) 
Coochie so good, make it hard for you to leave her 
I'm a playa so even if I'm losin I never cheat her, uhh 

[Chorus w/ Nelly ad libs] 

Hey, hey 
T.I.P. be off the meter when he sharp as a needle 
In a new two-seater, pissin on niggaz ego 
I don't wanna rap no mo', I'm CEO 
No mo' menage-a-trois, the full trio 
Three ho, get in they mind like Miss Cleo 
You know, nigga try a hold like Judo (oh!) 
I know a lot of nigga hot about me ('bout me) 
I know you niggaz ain't forgot about me 
I'm a shotter{?} with the O's and the dro 
And the blow and the, Jag-o and get the clothes out the sto' 
Anyway - I got a bottle of Mo' and X-O 
And I'm lookin for a modelin ho, so let's go 
Get it right - six nights, six flights, six shows (six shows) 
Six checks, each one, six oh's (six oh's) 
Six broads to choose, they six pros 
Light-skinned Asian bitches with pink toes (okay) 

[Chorus w/ Nelly ad libs] 

[Jazze Pha + (Nelly)] 
There's so many fly girls I've seen 
around the worrrrld (All around the worrrrld) 
I gotta get me a girl (You gotta get you a what?) 
Hey, hey - I gotta get me a girl (You gotta get you a who?) 
C'mon c'mon - Nikki, Tasha, Kiki, and Laverne and Cheryl 
(Yeah, yeah I know that mayne) Hey, hey 
I gotta get me a girl (You gotta get you a what?) 
I gotta get me a girl, hey 

Uhh, uhh 
Now I done been around the world TWICE, back again 
Whoever thought I'd be twenty times plat-inum 
Whoever thought I'd have jewels but I lack a gem 
I done dealt with plenty dimes, but I lack the ten 
A New York chick, I met her through the fashion biz 
And we be doin them type of thangs - you can't imagine shit 
She be bitin and screamin cause she's so passionate 
Shorty got blue eyes but she African [echoes] 
Talkin 'bout. 

[Chorus w/ Nelly ad libs] 

Yeah! We wanna thank all the ladies for comin out tonight 
Every one that.. you know, open-toed, inch-heel stilleto 
Maybe you might have a open-toed sandle 
Or maybe you just runnin to the grocery sto' in your house shoes 
with your feet out, girl you lookin good 

[Jazze Pha + (Nelly)] 
There's so many fly girls I've seen (Go shorty, whoo!) 
Around the worrrrld, all around the worrrrld (Go shorty) 
I gotta get me a girl (Definitely, ladies please) 
Hey, hey - I gotta get me a girl (Keep your feet well-taken curr of) 
C'mon c'mon - Nikki, Tasha, Kiki (It's a must) 
And Laverne and Cheryl - hey, hey 
I gotta get me a girl - I gotta get me a girl 
I gotta get me a girl - hey, hey
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