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Neil Diamond - Sunny Disposition - аккорды и текст, видео

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Neil Diamond - Sunny Disposition - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sunny Disposition
Neil Diamond
SUNNY DISPOSITION from the album "Melody Road" by Neil Diamond

Tabbed by Roj Vincent

Intro:   E    A      E    A

                     E            A
She had a sunny disposition
                          E              A
He had a cloud that never went away
                            E            B
She woke up singing almost every day
It turned him all around
                             F#m    E  (Hold)
And brought him in from the pouring rain
                        E             A
She had a sunny way of talking
                             E                   A
And when she'd finish she'd always smile
                      E                  B
It wasn't flashy but she had style

She touched him so profound
                    F#m     E
That he was never to be the same
A                          F#m
First she had him walking, then he'd be talking
A                        F#m                       E
Walking and talking and soon he'd be laughing out loud
A                     F#m             
Never would believe it if you couldn't see it
A                     F#m                        B  (Hold)
She came to be someone that he could not be without
                       E          A
They made a sunny combination
                          E               A
You wouldn't think so but it was true
                          E                  B
They heard a voice coming from the blue

True love was calling out
                        F#m      E
And it was calling them both by name
A                          F#m
It started with a whisper, pretty soon he kissed her
A                               F#m            E
That's when that whisper turned into a mighty roar
A                         F#m
More than just affection, made a real connection

A                           F#m                   B
That's when he knew she was what he was missing before

Instrumental break           E    A    E    A    E    B

                         E           A
She gave him plenty inspiration
                              E                  A
And every song he wrote from then till now
                           E              B
Had something 'bout it explaining how

She'd turned his life around
                        E          A
He wore her sunny disposition
                             E          A
He didn't know where he was going
                        E          B
She had a funny way of knowing

And knowing felt so right
                    F#m        B
When she became his wife
She brought her sunny disposition  

Enjoy - any suggestions for improvements would be welcome.
Добавлено: 25.11.2015
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