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Necro - Violins Of Violence - текст песни, видео

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Necro - Violins Of Violence - текст песни, видео

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[Screaming Woman]Go Home
                         Go Now In Peace
                    If you do not go now you will be 
                    buried in this field I've seen 
                    enough blood, but if you want more
                    I can't stop you I can only warn you
                    that it will be your blood not ours

                    Evil is annointed get disappointed
                  guillotine to your spleen you'll get
                  defeated you can't beat it join it (what?)
                  death comes in the worst way through satanic
                  wordplay here's a knife in your spine happy
                  birthday (bitch) bile lubrication crack vile
                  rejuvenation subdue my patient pursue cremation
                  insert a lance in your back through the circumstance
                  you're dead over your corpse I do a murder dance
                  I'm on stab you with a shank shaft my language is
                  filled with frankness and anguish you're anxious
                  greetings to all cretins to those bleeding from
                  repeated beatings I'm like the snake in Eden (ssss)
                  you down with necro be loyal or get strangled with a
                  'till you barf what goes around recoils my conversation
                  disects you like operation my obligation is to kill
                  nazis with concentration romance aint a slow dance it's
                  a slut with no pants sucking and holding my dick with
                  both hands put a gun to your pockets my steeze would
                  blind the eye piece of a high priest like the sun to
                  his sockets

                  Violins of violence will thrive on destruction it's
                  Necro abduction with Hyde corruption you flirt with
                  escape of death in the clip 'cause happy endings are
                  not in the script-x2

                    I drop english vocab distastefully gracefully with
                  a machete strapped at my hip I'm in the place to be
                  reppin brutality faithfully my religion's sin bash a
                  pigeon in I'm belligerant peace to all midgets in
                  america with short ligaments do your thing size don't
                  mean shit any nigga could win talkin out your ass is
                  great you'll get drastic hate force you to masticate
                  a fuckin plastic plate i got your brain through
                  acquisition now you're on the streets smokin crack on
                  a mission lookin like an apparition your death is like
                  angelic the splatterin of your guts makes a beautiful
                  pattern it's psychadelic kiss your last hundred dollars
                  bye your wallets mine scream holler cry you've been
                  disqualified my demented thoughts need to be vented
                  and sacremented your tendons blended is spendid

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