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Nations Afire - Even The Blackest Heart Still Beats - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nations Afire - Even The Blackest Heart Still Beats - аккорды и текст, видео

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Even The Blackest Heart Still Beats
Nations Afire
Nations Afire - Even The Blackest Heart Still Beats
Tabbed by: Momro

[Capo] 2nd

[Chords] Dsus4: xx0320, C could be x32033 as well

Waking up drunk as the sea shouts harder
G                                                F
Trying to wake me up but there's nothing left to say
I said it all in a distant memory
Image of a son with an absent father
G                                               F
Who wouldn't believe it would take it's toll on me
The payback is never ending

G                     C
  If your mind's made up
Can it ever change? - A vicious circle
A halo around the head

F                C                 G
Congratulations!   It seems you've won again
F                      C
Maybe this time you'll learn:
It doesn't change a thing
        F       C          G
If it's war you seek, then seek no more than me
    Dsus4             F           C
But even the blackest heart still beats


Starving for a place to conceal this murder
Driving just to stay awake with a broken radio
The voices come again to soothe me
Crashing in the rain of a wasted summer
Ever since the clouds derailed all my makeshift confidence
What a brief unhappy life



I can handle life's discomforts
Confidence and all is understood
You're gonna grow old one day
So light the wick and burn the candle
Falling over, catching flame to me and everyone I've known to ashes.

F                C                G
Congratulations!   You fought and won today
F                      C             G (one strum)
Maybe this time you'll learn, you're on your own.


      Dsus4             F           C (one strum, ring out)
Yeah, even the blackest heart still beats.

Please rate and comment, as usual.

Not sure about the Dsus4 and the part before the bridge, intro and interludes, so I 
skipped those parts. If you should know it, please leave a comment!
Добавлено: 25.09.2013
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