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Nathan - Gasoline - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nathan - Gasoline - аккорды и текст, видео

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GASOLINE, (Nathan, Keri Lattimer (nee McTighe): 

This is a great energy song and it is played with open sounding chords, so if you like that sound you should 
drop tune by a half step.

For the detune: Half Step Down

tuning = Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

verse: Am G x 3, F G
chorus: F G, F C Bb, Am G

I like to perform the song with a rhythmic strum, so I prefer standard tuning.  I use barr chords all the way 
through except for the E chord.  Here is my version:

verse - G#m F# x 3, e F#
chorus - E F#, E B A F#, G#m F#

PS Chords appear over the word indicating when to strum.

1st Verse: 

Hands glued to the steering wheel, 
smack between a ledge straight down 
      G#m                              F#
and a wall of spruce as thick as thieves. 
And as sure as a sharp corner comes
a jack-knife kind of creepiness, 
      G#m           F#
sweeps up and over me. 

       E               G#m
Oh gasoline don't leak out on me, 
             E                            B
two thousand miles left to go a brand new name, 
A                       E
haircut, hell make me a blond 
                  G#m                F#
if it'll blend me in, it'll blend me in. 

"lovely weather for an April day, 
I just came through Saskatchewan 
        G#m                               F#
from as south as you can drive before you drop." 
Said he just planned on passing through, 
but that he didn't know he'd crash into 
    E                         F#
tarnation pouring coffee at a lonely old truck...stop. 

Chorus (same as above, same everytime)

Down it goes from there on in, 
I'm a sucker for attention when 
   E                             G#m
it revs up to me wheeling like a screech. 

But by degrees his grip got tight, 
suspicion turned his knuckles white, 
       E                F#              E
had to drive them in my face to find relief. 

solo : 
C#m, B, C#m, B, E, F# 
C#m, B, E, E, E, F#

C#m                           B
Where I found the muster is a mystery best left 
   C#m                             E
in apartments found deserted and a semi-trailer theft. 
Where you ended I'll pick up, 
onwards to Tuktoyaktuk, 
         E                              F#
about as north as you can go before you drop.

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