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Nasty Savage - Human Factor - текст песни, видео

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Nasty Savage - Human Factor - текст песни, видео

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 Human Factor
 Human Factor
 Human Factor

 Wear your face
 for what's really inside
 some people will never
 learn anything
 because they think
 they know everything
 envy is a moth
 to the heart
 envy is a canker
 of thought
 your slanders
 a short cut to thinking
 but your slack hand
 never gave the world a thing

 Is your glass
 1/2 empty
 or is it
 1/2 full drink it up
 fan the fire
 like the wind
 virtue is a bait
 for fools, fools
 be not quick
 to take offence
 anger is a foe
 to sense
 hands of the clock
 never stop
 wishes never
 filled the cart never nothing 
 what a tangled
 web we weave
 when we
 practice to deceive

 Human Factor
 Human Factor
 Human Factor

 The death of the snake
 was closer to fate
 egos play games and
 love to hate, hate
 charter member in the
 fraternity of
 broken dreams
 windows of your soul
 open into the void
 if it's the work of
 human hands
 what man has made
 man can destroy

 Do you know
 what your after?
 or are you
 caught up in the
Добавлено: 08.11.2013
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