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Nashville Cast - Blind - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nashville Cast - Blind - аккорды и текст, видео

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Nashville Cast
This is the intro/chorus to Nashville's song Blind featuring Aubrey Peeples.
If the Am sounds off then just sub in Em for them.
I tried this on piano and the Am with inversion (E A C) worked well so I put it in.
This is played in standard tuning (i.e. no capo) but obviously put one on if you want to sing it
higher. Please rate generously.
Enjoy :)

No Capo

(Open single strum)
        Em                    C
Crying under water, Breathing in outer space

          D                              Am
Putting faith into something, that can never take place

           Em                      C
Would you give every shard of my heart back to me

                                                             (Start strumming pattern)
           D                                 Am                      Em
Would you comb through the wreckage for it sldies into the sea

I been searching for answers

I been workin' on a cure

          D                            Am
I been a slow song dancer to a rhythm that's ain't pure

        Em                         C
I will come around tomorrow and forget yesterday

         D                            Am
I will bleed out the sorrow that you put in me today

                 Em            Am                D                Em
Cause I'm goin blind, I'm goin blind, I'm goin blind

Was a child when I met you
running wild as can be
Maybe someday I'll forget you 
guess it wasn't meant to be

I will cut through indecision
I will take what is mine
I trust in my visions
but I will not trust my eyes

Cause I'm going blind 
I'm going blind
I'm going blind

I'm a lone survivor
I'm the only one left here
You started the fire 
but you only burn for fear
I waited to the finish 
I can claim my victory
I'd memorize this moment
if my eyes could only see

Cause I'm going blind 
I'm going blind
I'm going blind
Добавлено: 22.06.2015
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