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Nada Surf - Treading Water - текст песни, видео

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Nada Surf - Treading Water - текст песни, видео

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movies like zoos

try another me and i will

try another you

or put my arms around you

like i think you want me to

but tell me what you're thinking

i so often misconstrue

treading water treading white wine

seeing borders seeing straight lines

i get these feelings that i don't

have much time

always rushing always late

movies like zoos

i talk to missionaries when they're

standing at my door

they tell me what i should be reading

i still can't see what for

we both stand there politely trying

to change each other's core

when other angels float by

they seem likely to fall from the sky

what i want is difficult i must try

i see traces when you walk

other voices when you talk

Добавлено: 31.07.2012
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