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My Friend Stephanie - Embrace - аккорды и текст, видео

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My Friend Stephanie - Embrace - аккорды и текст, видео

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My Friend Stephanie
		   Song: "Embrace"
Artist: My Friend Stephanie
Album: Makeover

Tab by: Evan Dickens

This is an incredibly beautiful worship song making use of just one acoustic guitar and no other instruments. I think this one would be good for campfire rallies and stuff. Whatever the case, it's very pretty. My Friend Stephanie (a very highly recommended band) makes good use of the Em-C7M   progression again.

INTRO: G   D   C   Em (glide the Em chord upward, in fact glide all the Em chords that begin an Em-C7M   part)

     G             	 D
I am weak, You are strong
	  C		      G
Send Your love, help me carry on
      G			    D
All I want is to be like You
	   Em    C7M      G*
To be like You

	G		    D
In my sadness, I feel Your peace
       C	    G
Slowly pouring over me
	  G	      D	
I need to feel Your embrace
	   Em	 C7M       Em	
Your warm embrace
   C7M  		   Em	C7M  
Oh Lord, Your warm embrace
To feel Your embrace

(final verse is picking until the Em-C7M   starts. Maybe someday I'll tab it all out. But anything sounds pretty.)

	    G		 D
Through the night, I can see
	     C		       G
The light of mercy that covers me
      G			D*	
And I know You're all I need
	         Em  C7M    Em
You're all I need
       C7M  	      Em  C7M  
Oh Lord, You're all I need
	     Em	 C7M    Em  C7M  
You're all I need

*For these chords, you'll do a quick hammer on and pull off of the suspended form of the chord. For the D chord, you'll hammer the third fret on the high E string and then pull off again. For the G chord, it's a bit more complicated. Both major and suspended forms of G are tabbed below; see if you can get it right. 

Here's the chords:

G 	- (320003)
C 	- (032010)
D 	- (-00232)
Em 	- (022000)
C7M  	- (032000)
Gsus	- (3x0013)
Dsus	- (-00233)

This song gives me chills, especially the way it ends on a major 7th chord. Songwriters, take note: good tactic if you want your acoustic songs to be memorable. :) 

I hope you enjoy this tab. Any corrections, comments, whatever, can be e-mailed to, and I'd really love to hear from you if you use this tab. Support My Friend Stephanie, they're incredible!

Добавлено: 26.11.2013
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