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MxPx - Whats Mine Is Yours - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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MxPx - Whats Mine Is Yours - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Whats Mine Is Yours
		   Artist: MxPx	
Album: Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo	
Written By: Mike Harerra
Copyright 1998 A&M Records, Inc.
Tabbed By: James H. (

Mostly power chords, except maybe the very beginning of the song, which
can probably be played both ways.
Intro:1st guitar picks out a D (xx0232) Then, 2nd guitar and bass play

Verse 1
D                                              G 
   As soon as I figured out that you wouldn't be there,
B                                              D-A-D-A
   As soon as I figured out you didn't care
D                                       G
   I try to do what's right I try to keep an open mind,
B                                 D    D/C#                 *
  I try to do what's right, but you're so unkind.        


  But you don't own me, 
  They've abolished slavery
G                                              D      D/C#      *
  And I can't wait for the day when things turn around
   You don't own me,
   They've abolished slavery
  There's consequences for you actions, I know 'cause I'm payin' for mine

Interlude 1
(go back to intro, but play it a bit faster this time,
 you'll get the timing of it by listening to the cd,
 and if you don't have the cd, shame on you.....)

verse 2

The piece of paper that you've got says that you can get into my pocket,
but you can get inside my heart or inside my head,
money doesn't mean to me what it obviously means to you, 
'cause I would never steal from kids that don't have a clue.


Interlude 2
same as intro and interlude 1, but slower. 
Then on the second time the guitar does this:

g|---11\----9\---5--|                       (\slide down)


Play intro and then end on G

* - D/C# this might not be the name of the chord, 
but it will work, it looks like this.   (xx774x)

This is my first tab, so don't get mad if it isn't perfect.MxPx rules, 
and it's sorta sad that they're being knocked by both the Christian and
secular markets. 
			Anyway, keep the faith 
					James. IXOYE

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