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Mt Egypt - Say Alright - аккорды и текст, видео

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Mt Egypt - Say Alright - аккорды и текст, видео

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Say Alright
Mt Egypt
Song: Say Alright
Artist: Mt. Egypt
Tabbed by: auseklis

Tuning: Standard
Mode: Ionian/Lydian hybrid

Capo 2 (sounding F# major)

*Due to the shifting tonality of the song (uses alternating natural and raised 4th
it is difficult to tell whether Travis uses a ii or a II (F#m or F#) chord in certain places.
can get away with playing an F#5 chord (244xxx)in place of either the major or minor 
if you want to be safe. I welcome corrections if you think I've got a couple wrong.


Intro: E chord, notes E B E B E B...

E              F#m              Abm          A
You said you'd always know what made me feel alright
          F#                     B
You don't know what you've been [missin?]
   E            F#m              Abm           A
And I knew this mornin' that you won't be here tonight
     F#                   B
It's alright; you can forget me

    E         F#m          Abm              A
Aoh, I wanted always to be with you all the time
E          F#m              Abm              A
For just a moment I thought you were finally mine
E           F#m             Abm            A
You told me tales and now I can't remember why
        F#m B   E              F#m  A  E
Did you lie  to me? Oh did you lie?

F#m A E  F#m A E  F#m
E     F#m A B
Need me, hold me, waaaant me, looove me

     E            F#m            Abm             A
Mmm, at night sometimes I had to ease my burning mind
E               F#m                 Abm           A
When love tells lies they're of the most peculiar kind
E                  F#m             Abm            A
Babe, it's alright you can take my money love and time
     F#   B     E
It's alright to me
          F#  B    E    E
Oh it's alright to me
Добавлено: 15.03.2012
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