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Mr T Experience - Our Days Are Numbered - текст песни, видео

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Mr T Experience - Our Days Are Numbered - текст песни, видео

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Day 1 started out badly
Day 2 left me perplexed
I would have stopped at Day 3 gladly
but Day 4 came next

and as the days turn into weeks
and as the weeks turn into months
you start to turn into yourself
you only get to do it once
you close your eyes
you realize--

our days are numbered
our nights are, too
there were so many I could have spent with you
we got no credit for the full amount
our days were numbered
but they didn't count

Day 5 felt like it took ages
it seemed that Day 6 would never arrive
but when I looked up from turning the pages
it was Day 365

How did I miss another year?
and what will happen to the rest
as my days all disappear?
no one will process my request
to add a few to spend with you

Our days are numbered
they've always been
events have played out
they can't be pulled back in
some linger with you, some barely come to view
our days are numbered
and out of order, too

la la la

somehow it just occurred to me
I never thought of it before
you know I never thought I'd see
Day 12,034
sounds like a lot
but it's not
no it's not
Добавлено: 25.09.2013
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