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Mr T Experience - I Dont Need You Now - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Mr T Experience - I Dont Need You Now - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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I Dont Need You Now
Mr T Experience

Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 16:10:13 -0400
Subject: m/mr_t_experience/i_dont_need_you_now.crd
From: (daniel r planas)

       I DON'T NEED YOU NOW - mr t experience
VERSE 1 : this is a really easy song and if you listen
          to it a few times you should understand the
	  the tab really well. 

xxxxxxxxx    G        C         G
there was a time when I ....
       D        C        G
every time I ....
      Am           C
and think myself ....
      Am              D
and drink myself ...
               G      C     G
but what was pulling us ....
           D       C      G    
was only breaking in ...
           Am                C
now its controlled ...
           Am            D
and more broken in ...


   G   C    D
so I don't ...
          G            C     D
I can't believe how I ....
          G           C         D       C   
I'd ever make it without ...
    G        D         G  C G
but I don't ...

VERSE 2 : same chords

there was a time when I thought .....

CHORUS 2 : same chords

so I don't hate you ....

             C G         D              G
and if I'm crying well ....
             C G        Am   
I've been trying but I ...
C            D
not to be a wreck

VERSE 3 : play through the verse chords once then...

though I'm still aware you're .....

cause I don't know you ....


G        C       G        D    
I don't need you ....(x2)
              G        C        D                 C        
I think its weird how much you ...
    G        D         G  C G
but I don't ....
when I first heard this song I thought that it was kind
of stupid, but after a while it really grows on you. It 
works with power chords, but it sounds like shit (same with
all open chords). My suggestion is to use E - form bar
chord on fret 3 for the G; open for Am; and A - form bar 
chords for C and D . have fun

any questions, comments, requests : 
DANIEL     or

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