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Mountain - Theme For An Imaginary Western - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Mountain - Theme For An Imaginary Western - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Theme For An Imaginary Western
From: Wiggins Crew 
Subject: CRD:m/mountain/theme_for_an_imaginary_western


theme for an imaginary western
written by jack bruce
performed by Mountain
from the album "Climbing" 1970  and from "Best of" 1973

intro:  A   A(Ab)   F#m      A   A(Ab)    F#m

         A     A(Ab)       F#m          B    B(A)         G
When the wagons leave the city for the forest and further on
         A     A(Ab)  F#m             B                    D
Painted wagons of the morning, dusty roads where they have gone
          A         A(Ab)         F#m              B     B(A)    G
Sometimes travellin' through the darkness, met the summer comin' home
       A    A(Ab)   F#m    F#m(E)      D        B         A    A(Ab)
Fallen faces by the wayside, looked as if they might have known

             F#m              C#m            F#m        C#m
	Oh the sun was in their eyes,  and the desert was dry
               D       A                  F#m      B        D
	In the country towns, where their laughter sounds

Oh the dancing and the singing and the music when they played
Oh the fires that they started along the trail with no regrets
Sometimes they found it, sometimes they kept it
Often lost it along the way
Fought each other to possess it, often blind to the light of day


Leslie West guitar lead, one complete verse.


Leslie West lead, follows verse pattern ending :

A  A(Ab)  F#m   F#m(E)  D   B    F#m

Transcribed by Dave Wiggins
any corrections or comments are welcome, e-mail:
Добавлено: 30.06.2012
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