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Motion City Soundtrack - Last Night - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Motion City Soundtrack - Last Night - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Last Night
Motion City Soundtrack
Motion City Soundtrack - Last Night 
From the album Even If It Kills Me

Tabbed by Mads Morville (

Chords used:
Standard        Capo on first fret
C#: x46664      C  x32010
Ebm x68876      Dm xx0231
Bbm x13321      Am x02210
Ab  466544      G  320033
F#  355433      F  133211

I'm still frustrated from last night
        Ebm        Bbm                                  Ab
Things happened at half-time, I'm sick of the bends
My panic research was no help
  Ebm       Bbm
I sink into myself
                        Ab    F#
Afraid of the fall that never ends
   Ab               Bbm                    F#
I wait, but I'm too tired to play pretend
        Bbm                C# Ebm Bbm Ab
I suffocate until the end

No time for half-hearted goodbyes,
I turn on the spotlight and flee from the scene
Cheap flights from Paris to Bangkok, I thought it was nonstop
Can't sleep on the KLM again
I haunt the halls of medicine at night
Choking back the urge to fight

Her cat was clawing the floorboards just outside of our door,
The panic begins
I searched the whole damn apartment from ceiling to carpet
No sign of the things she used to own
As autumn turns its back on me again
I climb the walls for oxygen

F# Ab

   Ebm            Bbm
My body aches, it heaves, it shakes
    F#            Ab
All summer sounds so caught up
       Ebm             Bbm            F#
And I still don't know exactly who I am
I never will, amen.

Repeat the first part of the verse for this part (Db, Ebm, Bbm, Ab)

She whispers something in my ear, the message is unclear
She motions outside.
I trail her closely from behind
She tries hard not to cry
She shakes underneath the pouring rain

Repeat the second part of the verse here (Gb, Ab, Bbm)
I can't compete with all your damn ideas
This isn't working out for you and me
The truth is I'm too tired to play pretend

F#              Ab                  C#
   This is goodbye, this is the end.

Outro: C#
Добавлено: 26.06.2012
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