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Moore Geoff And The Distance - Home Run - аккорды и текст, видео

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Moore Geoff And The Distance - Home Run - аккорды и текст, видео

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Home Run
Moore Geoff And The Distance
		   Home Run
                  Geoff Moore and The Distance
                    from the album "Home Run"
     Words and Music by Geoff Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman
                Copyright 1995 Starstruck Music

                   transcribed by Ron Masters
             using the standard tuning conventions: 

     G   D   Em   C   F#*   

G                 D
The lights go on, another game day

  Em                        C
I grabbed my bat and headed for the plate

        G                 D               Em
But the first pitch was a curve and I was done - Strike one!

          G                          D
I stepped out of the box, looked the pitcher in the eye

          Em                  C            (See Note #1)
You could read his lips, "Hey punk, you're mine."

     G                         D                      Em (Em D Em)--See Note
G I gave him a wink and said "Let's see what you can do." - Strike two!

              C          Em          D                     G
Gotta keep my eye on the ball, swing straight and true and follow through

C        Em                  D    (D D D/G D)--See Note #4 
Don't be afraid whatever the call

              C     Em
Because we're never alone

    D                 G
Our coach is there to cheer us on

              F#*  G        F*#        G     (see Note #2)
Well it's the wind up, here comes that ball

          Em                                 C      D
You gotta pray and swing, watch it till it's going, going, its gone

G  D    Em C    G  D  Em
Home    Home    Home  run

           Em   D
(we need a home run)

         G                  D
You know life can be like a baseball game

Em                          C
We're on the same team, but we're not all the same

       G                D             Em       (Em D Em Em D)
That's why we've got to learn to play together

         G                 D
I didn't join this team to sit on the bench

Em              C
I'm going deep, swinging for the fence

G                     D                Em    (Em D Em Em D)
I got some friends on base I gotta get home

(Repeat Chorus)


Em                                        C
We are not the first to play this game or stand over this plate

Em                                 C
We are surrounded by their legacy, like they're sittin' in the stands

I can see them waving their hands

         Em  C  Em  G   D
saying, "Go, go all the way!"

Ron's Guitar Notes:
           /  =  slide up      
           h  =  hammer on       
           p  =  pull off      

#1  The F#*... Don't know its official name. This was the one chord in the
song that 
gave me fits. This was as close as I could get to the sound. I found that
the G chord that follows is easier if you play the root 6 G chord.

#2  Roscoe does a little bit of a C chord "turnaround" when transitioning
from the C
chord to the G Two ways you could play this, one using a hammer on, the
a slide.  (I have to admit that I like the slide better. But, hey, they're
both used!)

 Root C Chord Players:      For those who like the fancy stuff:

#3  Here's the way I like to play this quick Em to a D stuff:

#4  This is one of those neat little "colorings" that can make things 
sound so nice. It's a D chord. Then a D with an open 1st string. Hammer
on to the second fret and add the G finally finish with a D


Transcribed by Ron Masters - on Oct 6, 1996

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