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Moore Geoff And The Distance - Good To Be Alive - аккорды и текст, видео

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Moore Geoff And The Distance - Good To Be Alive - аккорды и текст, видео

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Good To Be Alive
Moore Geoff And The Distance
		   From Bill_Steinke/ Tue May 30 08:24:31 1995

"Good to Be Alive"
recorded by:    Geoff Moore and the Distance
album:   "Friend Like You"

C                                                     F
Was - n't   it yes - ter - day,  I  was eight  years  old
        C                                  F                        G
I had a poc - et full of rocks that I knew were made of sol - id gold
           Am                      G        
There were girls to be ha - ted  trees to be climbed,
C                           F                          C                  Am7 
forts to be built,  there was so much time; It's good to be alive good to be alive 

F        C                                             F
There's  no - thing in the world like be - ing fif - teen:
      C                                      F             G
Your poc - kets are empty,  but your head is full of dreams  
Am                         G
of girls to be loved,  of  plac - es to see
         C                         F                      Dm7              G 
it's the best and the worst, just my friends and me and we're anything we want to be 
         C                    F          Bb              
And it's good to be a - live   feel the wind in my face,
             F                      C             F              Bb       F
see the blue in the sky;  It's days like this I re-al-lize  what a gift it is,
it's good to be a - live 

F       C                            F                   C  
Well, I won - der what this day will see.   Will  I find my dreams 
          F                        G            Am   
or stare in the face of tra - ge - dy;  What - ever may come ,
       G              C                           F    
what - ever may be of this I am sure,  I'm for - given and free;
                       G                                     C
And I will live like I be - lieve.   It's good to be a - live

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