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Moore Geoff And The Distance - Best Days - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Moore Geoff And The Distance - Best Days - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Best Days
Moore Geoff And The Distance
		   Title: Best Days
Band: Geoff Moore and the Distance
Author: Geoff Moore and Phil Madeira
Album: Home Run
Copyright information: Copyright 1995 Starstruck Music (a division of
Forefront Communications)
Tabber: Caleb Shoemaker,

This is the easy version of this song.  I'm sure there are better chords to
it, but I was too lazy to "pick" 'em out!  :o)  Either way, enjoy and
praise God!

G                         C                G
The river was deep, the water was cold.
G                C
I was only twelve years old.
G                                C    G
My dad and me, were trout fishing,
G                        C     G 
Waste deep in a Michigan stream.
G                                C         G   
He showed me how to make that fly,
G                     C   
Look like it was so alive.
G                                   C
And then he helped me understand, 
G                 C         G
How to be a fisher of men.

D                            G
And all the world was right,
C                            D
And I felt so full and alive.
            C                 G
In the wonder and the light,
D                                 G
And I would never be the same,
C                                    D
For I knew somehow I had changed.
C                            D
Even now I'd have to say,
C                              G
It was the very best of days.

(All verses the same as on top.)

It was like a rock, the lump in my throat.
I was eighteen years old,
But I had to say something,
To the prettiest girl I'd ever seen.
A new world's record was set that day,
For the stupid things I'd say.
I made her laugh, it must've been enough,
For by day's end, we'd fallenin love. (repeat chorus)

Some times I look to the eastern sky,
Wonder what it will be like,
When we all finally learn, of the day You return.
What will I feel?  Where will I be?
Will it all seem like a dream?
Think it'll be like a long-lost friend,
coming back for his family again. 

Chorus 2:

And all the world will be right, 
And we'll feel so full and alive.
In His wonder and His light.
And we will never be the same,
For I know we all will be changed.
And we will surely say, 
"This is the very best, the very best of days!"

If anyone has corrections, by all means do so.  I thought this would be
nice for the G/C/D people!  Enjoy!
Добавлено: 17.09.2013
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