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Moody Blues - You And Me - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Moody Blues - You And Me - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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You And Me
Moody Blues
You and Me
by the Moody Blues 

           D       A       E
There's a leafless tree in Asia
          D             A        E
Under the sun there's a homeless man
          D      A              E
There's a forest fire in the valley,
          D     A       E
Where the story all began. 

D         A            E
What will be our last thought?
       D         A      E
Do you think its coming soon?
D       A         E
Will it be a comfort?
       D         A       E
Or the pain of a burning wound?

(chorus)                          A         D         E
                                All we are trying to say
                                      A          D         E
                                Is we are all,  all  we've got.
                                A          D           E
                                You and me just cannot fail
                                A        D       E   ( F#m G A  F#m G A )
                                If we never, never stop. 

         D      A         E
You're an ocean full of faces
        D         A     E
And you know that we believe.
            D          A        E
We're just a wave that drifts around you
        D        A         E
Singing all our hopes and dreams

        D         A           E
We look around in wonder
            D              A              E
At the work that has been done.
             D           A           E
By the visions of our father,
D                        A         E
Touched by his loving son. 

(chorus x2)
G         A      G      A     E
You and me just cannot fail......................  If we never, ever,  never, ever stop 

(repeat chords (D   A    E)   for the last lead)
 This is a cool old Moodies song, it's fun to do the lead as well. I hope it formats and
tabs correctly to this site.  jb
Добавлено: 08.05.2012
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