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Montell Jordan - We Ride On Dem Thangs - текст песни, видео

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Montell Jordan - We Ride On Dem Thangs - текст песни, видео

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Rap verse I
Comeon cuz don't playa hate cause I'm riding on dubs, I'm big willie with this shit aint no f'n with us, I'm on the strip, chillin with chicks feelin their hips, Got their man pissy mad cause I'm freakin their chicks. I keep ‘em on lock the enterprise keeps me on top with these, Head banging track keep you bobbin like that, I stick and I move around the world with women I choose, And every ride that I drive got a new pair of shoes, Who gives a fuck if I'm musky if I wasn't a star the girls would, Still rush me my life is too lovely and everyday is the same, cause we ride on them thangs and you be on teenage rims, playa hating on a playa cause I bought me some tims now what's the problem needing some dough needing some cheese your girl want her done its all on me tre it up

Verse I 
Tell me that you like what you see girl
Cause I been watching you, watching me girl
Its time to hit the floor, move your feet girl
If you want to rock with me tonight

Meet me, meet me at the spot
Girl we can make it hot
Cause baby we ride on dem thangs
Girl work it all night long
I'm still getting it on
Cause lady we ride on dem thangs

Verse II
Ooh you turn me on, I can't stop now
You are the baddest one in here
Shorty hands down
I cant see no one else
Just want you for myself
So if you wanna ride with me tonight

Chorus (2x)

Now we're standing here
It's just me and you
I can read your mind
Girl I'm freaky too
You can leave your girls
I can leave my crew
And we can ride, ride, ride

Repeat chorus (end)
Добавлено: 17.05.2012
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