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Monte Montgomery - When Will I - таба, видео

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Monte Montgomery - When Will I - таба, видео

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Song: When Will I
Artist: Monte Montgomery
Version: LIVE

Hello all you monte fans, i've been kinda disappointed here lately at the 
number of transcriptions that have been submitted about monte's songs, i 
feel he is one of the best guitarist of this time, and deserves the 
attention, therefore, here is the first lil bit of tab i have transcribed 
for this wonderful song.

Ok so this is just the intro that i figured out today, i'm sure tomorrow i 
will have more posted, and i will post each day the next section i have 
transcribed, and this is my first transcription, so email me and tell me 
what you think, good or bad, i beleive my transcription is nearly exact, but 
if you have other thoughts, please let me know id greatly appreciate it, 
thanx and enjoy.
                       A        E         F#m
    > = slide          EADGBE    EADGBE      EADGBE
    h = hammer-on      ||||55    0||100      |||222
    p = pull-off       |||6||    |22|||      ||||||
    v = down stroke    ||7|||    ||||||      ||4|||
    ^ = up stroke

NOTE: first few notes of each chord that is played rapidly, are generally 
muted or muffled. i use a pick.
    A                     E                         F#m
E ------------------5-7>9-----0-------------0-2>4>2-----2
B --------------5-------------0-------------0-2>4>2-----2
G ------------6---6-------------------------------------2
D --7-7-7-7-7---------------------------1-1---------4-4--
A ------------------------------2-2-2-2------------------
E ------------------------0-0----------------------------
    v ^ v ^ v v v ^ v ^   v v ^ v ^ v ^ V ^ ^ v     v v ^

E ------------------2-4>5---5-5-------5---5----------
B ------------------2-------5-5-------5h7-5----------
G ------------1-2-----------6-7p6-4---6---6----------
D --4-4-4-4-4-----4-------5-7-------4-7---7-4p2------
A ----------------------------------------------3h4-0
E ---------------------------------------------------
    v ^ v ^ v ^ v v ^ ^   v v ^   v ^ V   V V   ^   V

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Добавлено: 19.11.2013
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