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Monica - Keep it to Myself - текст песни, видео

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Monica - Keep it to Myself - текст песни, видео

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Verse 1 
I looked at you a thousand times 
This time when I looked at you, 
there was something new, how could I be so blind 
We shared our secrets in the dark 
and though we were only friends, 
I don't know when the feeling changed with in my heart 

Baby, ooh I keep it to myself 
Baby, Ohh falling in love with you 
The harder it gets cause you don't know the pain I'm feeling 
OOh, I keep it to myself 
Baby, ooh falling in love with you 
I don't wanna push it away cause no one makes me feel like you do 

Verse 2 
I dreamed of you all through the night, 
Holding you dear to me 
right here with me wrapped in my arms so tight 
But when I start to tell you how I feel 
You tell me about someone new 
who's right for you, if you only knew my loves for real, baby 


I wonder if you feel the same way I do 
then we both could me together forever 
So why do I hide all my feelings inside 
if I know you're the only one for me 
The deeper that it gets the harder that I fall 
fall baby... ooohhhh 

Chorus and add lib to fade
Добавлено: 29.12.2013
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