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Monica - Just Another Girl - текст песни, видео

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Monica - Just Another Girl - текст песни, видео

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You think you're slick in every way
Changin all the calls on your phone everyday
Is there somethin that you're tryin to hide from me?

I never gave you reason to wanna take your calls in the other room
Am I the only one or is somebody else gettin at you?

Is it my imagination things ain't always what they seem cause I don't wanna be

Just another name in you little black book
Just another face in the crowd and it's got me shook
I gotta mean a little more to you than a space in a list of your things to do
Another cheap shot gun in your -,
Another package that you can show all your friends
You can call me crazy, say I'm insecure
But I don't wanna be just another girl

Strange how you claim to tell the truth
When the passenger seat in your car's been moved
And you swore that there was no one else but you

And somethin else you can't explain
Why'd you call me by someone else's name?
You say it's history, you played it, things are through, or so you say

Is it my imagination, things ain't always what they always seem
Cause I don't wanna be-


Tell me how you've lied
Or is it my suspicious mind
I gotta know the truth if I am just another girl
Your treatin wrong
Another one you string along
Is it you or me? Is it two or three?
Cause I don't wanna be...

No no, no noo
More to you, more to you-ou, ba-bae
No noo
You can call, me craz-ae, ba-bae, yeah
Name in your little black book
Got me shook
Shot gun, another... that you show your friends
Could I...
I don't wanna be, let me hear you say
I don't wanna be, all the ladies say
I don't want to be, ba-bae
Yeah yeah yeah, but... just another girl
Добавлено: 17.03.2012
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